For my grandmother

Having a grandmother means having the most beautiful childhood. Hanging out with grandmothers is for everyone
given specially and beautifully. The grandmothers are smiling, their eyes are bright, theirs
warm hugs cure colds and reduce fever. Grandmothers talk the most beautifully
stories, they read the most beautiful fairy tales, they can make dresses for dolls, and some even
they also play football. Grandmothers make the most delicious pancakes, plum jam and ajvar, those
they create the most beautiful moments of joy for their grandchildren.
Grandmothers always surprise children for birthdays and holidays, and they know how to do it so skillfully
they keep secrets. Every grandmother’s heart is full of love, her love grows along with
with children. Grandma’s love doesn’t stop growing even when children grow up to be big people.
Love is growing every day, while grandma is walking in the park, or at the sea, in the bathtub
she knits scarves for the winter and cooks soup. Grandma’s love grows while the children are at school,
even when her grandchildren’s mom scolds her for fulfilling all the children’s wishes.
Her love grows as she dreams and skates.
Grandma’s head is so big. This one was born from that great love
a wonderful book, in which every child can write the most beautiful
and the most important pages about your grandmother

Format: 23x17cm
Number of pages: 60 pages.
Binding: Paperback
Release year: 2021


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