The Karić Brothers Foundation continues to help and support vulnerable children: An unforgettable visit to the Belgrade Children’s Shelter

It is with great joy that we inform our public about an unforgettable event at the Belgrade Children’s Shelter, organized by the Karić Brothers Foundation. This event was filled with love, creativity and sincere joyful smiles of children.

An inspiring humanitarian action

The Belgrade Children’s Shelter has been providing a warm home and support for children without adequate parental care since 1958. So far, over 70,000 children have been cared for, and the Karić Brothers Foundation is a long-term partner of this institution, especially with the project “Art. Freedom. Strength.” which was initiated 12 years ago by the president of the Foundation, Danica Karić Stojilković. This project aims to give children the opportunity to develop their talents and sense of freedom through art and creative activities.

Fashion show and creative workshops

A special part of the program was a fashion show organized by the talented artist Milica Marinković, whose project Mima Eko Art uses recycled aluminum cans as materials to create unique dresses. The children were thrilled as the models wore such wonderful creations, showing how art can contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Next to the fashion show, there were also creative workshops organized with the music of Dana Karić. The courtyard of the Shelter echoed with song, dance and laughter, while children enjoyed artistic activities, creating unforgettable memories.

Support from donors and friends

This visit was also an opportunity to express our thanks to all the participants, donors and friends who contributed to the success of this initiative with their selfless efforts in the last period. We were especially delighted to see all the wonderful BeJoYuss creations – jackets, bags, umbrellas and dresses brought by our donors.

“This was a day to remember. We would like to thank everyone who participated and supported us. Your selfless efforts, dedication and love mean the most to these wonderful children, and of course to all of us,” said Danica Karić Stojilković, president of the Karić Brothers Foundation.

A shared mission for a better future

This event is another example of how combined forces, goodwill and a big heart can contribute to a better and happier childhood for the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society. The Karić Brothers Foundation, together with friends, donors and representatives of the Latino Women’s Club Belgrade with its selfless commitment, shows how important humanitarian support and solidarity are.

We invite everyone to get involved and start contributing to the community, because every small gesture can have a big impact on the lives of these children. Together we can make a better future for our children and our society.

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