There are numerous ways to show your country that you love it and how much you are willing to do for it. The Karić family has chosen charity, presentation of national culture around the world, promotion of tolerance, coexistence of different nations, religions and cultures – not only in Serbia but also in the region and the world. And thus for more than four decades.

Not only in response to the nowadays widely accepted term of social responsibility, but above all feeling the human and patriotic necessity, back in 1979. Bogoljub Karić created the Social Council in Peć which would later grow into the Karić Brothers Foundation, with the idea to proudly promote his country. Despite all the difficulties, the Karić family continued their work convinced that good intentions, love for country and all people in it, commitment to benevolence and humanitarian work are necessary today more than ever. Also, the activities of the foundation from its establishment until today are in accordance with the growing need for care of people and the general provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948 by the General Assembly of the United Nations, as well as with the maxim: “ All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.“

It is precisely for these reasons the foundation’s decades-long work includes the defense of international principles of protection of human rights and freedoms, in all its humanitarian and social activities.


“Let the Karić Foundation be a modest contribution of the Karić family to their fatherland. Maybe this way we shall take one step closer to the great historical names such as Captain Miša, Tekelija, Kolarac, Spasić, Dunđerski or Luka Ćelović, famous among their descendants not for the salt trade or manufacture of beer, but for the material and spiritual benefits that are their legacy built for their own people. Therefore, let this just be another brick in the imposing building of national legacy.”

Speech by Milanka Karić, founder, at the first Karić Brothers’ Award ceremony in 1998.

Letter from the President of the Foundation


Dear friends,It is said that there is no big or small benevolence. It is important that there is will, desire and a good heart to help others and save from oblivion all the material and spiritual goods of our people`s culture.

It is my great honor to be unanimously elected by my family to be the president of our family foundation – the Karić Brothers Foundation.

The time has come for the younger generation of the Karić family to take over this important role. I proudly accept the responsibility to carry on with the preservation of Serbian tradition, family life and cultural heritage. I wish to continue to foster the idea of my family that we all are responsible for our society, country and the planet. I never intend to forget my roots and, what`s more, I intend to keep the foundation as a family nest that has always been the soul of the company.

I believe that I will abide on the road of charity, conveying to future generations what I have been taught from my early age: “The hand that gives will never be empty.”

Some will say that I am an idealist, but I firmly believe that all our aspirations, dreams and desires can be achieved only if we have the courage and faith to follow them. That’s why I listen to and follow my inner voice, not speaking in words, but in the silent language of the heart. Like Martin Luther King said:”Faith is when you take the first step. You do not have to see the whole staircase, just take that step.” As contemporaries of current global challenges and increasingly frequent and numerous human tragedies caused by neglect of civilizational and social frameworks that should ensure respect for human rights and freedoms, we contribute to strengthening the collective social awareness in all our activities, by constantly emphasizing publicly that an independent and free person is the backbone of every happy family and every modern and progressive society.

Danica B. Karić

President of the Karić Brothers Foundation

Letter from the founder of the Foundation

Dear friends,

It has been more than three decades since my family started helping our employees and fellow citizens through the Social Council, regardless of nationality, religion or skin color. The size, number and diversity of the Foundation’s endeavors are proof that in the tradition of our family there is an ingrained responsibility towards the state and society. I taught my children that nothing is given forever by destiny, neither wealth nor poverty, that those who do not have should be respected and helped, and that at the same time means supporting the deepest meaning of human hopes.

Today, proudly, without doubt or fear and with full confidence, I pass the difficult and responsible task of managing the Foundation, to my youngest daughter. The family unanimously elected her Chairwoman of our family foundation. I am sure that she will perform the function of the Chairwoman of the Karić Foundation with absolute dedication, with a strong sense of humanity and responsibility. She knows very well that only with a lot of work and effort and with well-organized team can he achieve top results. I would like everything she does to leave a mark in history, for future generations to be proud of her deeds!

Milanka Karić

Founder of the Karić Brothers Foundation