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Looking ahead at the great Serbian benefactors, the Karić family established the Social Council in 1979. in Peć for helping their employees and citizens regardless of ethnicity, religion or skin color. It was a modern form of social responsibility of the family and the company ” Karić Brothers”, demonstrated in practice, which will receive its institutional framework by forming the Fund “Karić Foundation” in 1992. in Belgrade. Until today, with a vision of life in the distant future, the Karić Foundation remains a golden example, not only in Serbia but in the region, Europe and the world, of how socially responsible individuals and companies should act. The number, size and diversity of the enterprise “Karić Foundation” witnesses a designed tradition of the family-rooted responsibility to the state and society for decades.

The new generation of the Karić family continues this tradition. They build their knowledge and skills, acquired at the leading universities of the world as well as in their family, into the intellectual, cultural and spiritual legacy.


It is determined by destiny that nothing is given forever, wealth nor poverty. To honor those who have and to help, also means to support the deepest meaning of human hopes.

Milanka Mara Karić, president of the Karić Foundation in an interview to the “Student” magazine.