Many Karićs have left a significant mark behind them

During the turbulent history, there were members of the Karić family in many professions: from teachers, priests, officers to today’s generation of modern managers.

Over the generations, as in any families, there have been more and less successful ones, but they have always tried to continue to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit, whose seeds were sown at the beginning of the 18th century.

One of the best known and most prominent Serbian family from Peć in Kosovo, the family of Danica and Janićije Karić, in a time burdened by crises of all shapes and proportions, clearly chose and followed their own path. With the courage of the mind and spirit, the feeling of family togetherness and the energy of creation, the Karićs slowly but surely came to success. Each of them unspinning their own yarn of destiny, knowing that happiness does not exist by itself, that it needs to be made, shaped, and then shared with others.

Four brothers, Sreten, Dragomir, Zoran, Bogoljub and sister Olivera were bred and raised in the spirit of Orthodox Christianity and loyalty to the Serbian tradition. The gene of entrepreneurship and its seed grew and developed as much as historical and other circumstances allowed, so that for the present generations of Karić family that seed would grow into a carefully tended garden with a large number of beautifully landscaped fertile fields and even more empty ones waiting for to be ennobled by the work of their diligent hands.

Man is born with a sense of family and property; without it he is not in any human society, regardless of the level of education.
-Vladimir Karić