“Colors of the world”: Karić Brothers Foundation, BK Tesla company and diplomatic corps of women bring colors back to the world of the Belgrade Children’s Shelter

We are very pleased to inform the public that the first project “Colors of the World” in Serbia has been successfully completed! All the paintings created during this project were sold, and most works were bought by the BK Tesla company, thus showing its commitment to social responsibility and support to the local community.

Raised funds will be used for the implementation of creative and sports workshops with children from the Belgrade Children’s Shelter. These workshops aim to encourage creativity, physical activity and emotional development of children, giving them the opportunity to express their talents and abilities through art and sports.

During May and June 2024, the “Colors of the World” project brought together the wives of many foreign ambassadors and diplomats in Serbia, who created their artworks with the help of visual artists. These unique works of art were then sold at a humanitarian auction, and all the funds raised went to support the Belgrade Children’s Shelter.

The “Colors of the World” project is one of many international projects that is proudly organized by the Karić Brothers Foundation. Art, creativity and humanity are the basic ideas of this project, that was started five years ago in China by Dana Bačević, while her husband, HE Mr. Milan Bačević, was the ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to that country. How to communicate when you don’t know the language, how to reach an understanding with the people around you, what is it that connects us all and is the universal language of all mankind: all those things are precisely – colors. Colors have meanings that are mostly the same for all nations of the world, so Dana Bačević decided to get to know China, as well as other countries, through colors.

The first “Colors of the World,” event was held in China and the wives of ambassadors from 26 countries took part, and 56 artworks were exhibited at a charity auction attended by a large number of guests from the diplomatic corps, media and public life of the People’s Republic of China. Quite a significant help was raised on that occasion, and thus began something that is now being presented for the first time in Serbia – the “Colors of the World” project, which brings together the spouses of ambassadors and diplomats, who, with the help of visual artists, create their own paintings, that are then sold for humanitarian purposes.

The BK Tesla company recognized the importance of this project and decided to further contribute to the success of this charity action by purchasing most of the paintings. Their generosity and willingness to support the children at the Shelter will enable the implementation of numerous workshops that will enrich the lives of those children.

We would like to thank all the participants, artists, diplomats and our dear friends who contributed to the success of the “Colors of the World” project. Our special thanks goes to the BK Tesla company for their selfless support, in the hope that this action will inspire others to engage in similar humanitarian activities.

Together, we bring colors back into the lives of children!


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