Terms and conditions of the Competition

Terms and conditions of the Competition:

1. Each participant of the Contest may apply for unlimited number of compositions in different categories. We do not limit the age of the participants. There are no artist restrictions!

2. The competition is open to applications from all over the world, the Republic of Serbia, the region, the former Yugoslav republics. We certainly expect all interested artists from other nations who are familiar with Serbian classical, traditional and contemporary music or who have the desire and the idea to create New Serbian music.

3. The competition does not limit participants of higher music education. Applications can be submitted by anyone who composes or wants to compose: full-time professors, associate professors at music academies, elementary and secondary music schools, students of music Colleges, Universities, graduates and those who have not yet completed their studies; musicians with college and university education; composers and musicians who have no formal music education but are involved in music art and composing.

4. Duration of compositions: 3 to 10 minutes; 12 minutes maximum.

5. The Organizer of the Contest is not obliged to return the material, sheet music and a soundtrack submitted with the application, so that it can be used in full or in part respecting the authorship , whether used for news, TV shows or similar publications produced by RTV BK Telecom.

6. Encouraged by one of the basic postulates of the Karić Foundation, that is the preservation of national music culture and Serbian culture in general, as well as the affirmation of new Serbian music and classical music, we launched the Contest „NEW DAYS OF SERBIAN MUSIC” which will be opened:

until Friday, March 20th, 2020, until 24:00 hours (midnight)

(*If the deadline for delivery of music works is extended, you will be informed in timely manner.)