A window into the future: The Karic Brothers Foundation donated the most modern equipment for Slovak kindergartens in Vojvodina

The Karic Brothers Foundation, led by the Foundation’s honorary president Milanka Karić, visited the Včielka preschool in Backi Petrovac, which was presented with valuable donations. Almost five hundred children of Slovak nationality attend this institution in four separate units. The Slovak national minority in Vojvodina lives on the territory of the Backi Petrovac municipality, in four settlements that have their own kindergartens, and now all those institutions are richer for the donation of the Karic Brothers Foundation – four digital interactive whiteboards – televisions of the latest generation.

The kindergarten full of children with the director of the Včielka institution Ana Laćarak and the president of Backi Petrovac Municipality Jasna Sproh warmly welcomed the delegation of the Karic Brothers Foundation, led by the honorary president Milanka Karić, together with the director of the Foundation Ljubica Vukotić and the vice president of the BK Tesla business group Tihomir Simić. Children’s shouts, laughter and songs echoed in the kindergarten, while representatives of the Včielka institution presented their past successes, activities and future plans to the Foundation’s delegation. This institution is a leader in the application of digital technologies in kindergartens, but also a guardian of traditional family values and the history and heritage of the Slovak people. Through the work and activities of this institution, relations and friendship between Serbs and Slovaks are nurtured, and initiatives are encouraged that further improve those relations.

Family values, tradition and heritage are something that the Karić family has always fought for and advocated, especially through the humanitarian work of the Karić Brothers Foundation, for the past 45 years. The Karić family has continued to apply the values they brought from their hearth in beautiful Peć to this day. Good deeds and kindness cannot remain hidden, as Saint Bishop Nikolaj Velimirović used to say – Do good and bury it under a stone, it will make itself a language out of the stone and reveal itself. We are celebrating half a century of humanitarian work of the Karić Brothers Foundation with new good deeds – we help the little ones of our Slovak friends, because children are the most important part of the family, and the family is the safest place, honorary president Milanka Karić emphasized in her speech.

The little ones had a special way to thank the delegation of the Foundation and prepared a real little show – they performed several Slovak folk songs in Slovak folk costumes, and welcomed their new toys with lots of laughter and shouts. The Karic Brothers Foundation team also handed the little ones cute little packages, along with interactive books for children, authored by Danica Karić, president of the Karic Brothers Foundation. The children were happy with all the gifts – they immediately started writing on their new TV, the books immediately started flipping through, and the sweets, of course, started disappearing. The beautiful family atmosphere of play and joy was the crowning glory of the visit of the Karic Brothers Foundation, and indeed a most beautiful and special thank you.

After the visit to the kindergarten, the Foundation’s delegation went to the Municipality of Bački Petrovac, where a working meeting was held with the President and the management of the Municipality. As the honorary president Milanka Karić pointed out – the Foundation does not talk or make promises, but only tries to help the right people in the right place. Thus, at this working meeting, decisions were made and plans were made for future projects in cooperation with the Slovak National Minority and the Karic Brothers Foundation. The hardworking people of Bački Petrovac now have a new ally, and the Foundation has new friends with whom they will fight together for a better tomorrow.

 In the era of the fourth technological revolution, while the digital world is becoming an ever larger and more important part of everyday life, the Braća Karić Foundation keeps pace with the times and encourages the progress and development of digital skills among the youngest generation. Preschool Včielka is a pioneer in Serbia in the application of digital technologies in working with children – they have introduced a series of educational games into everyday use, and those games are actually children’s first steps in the world of digital technology and programming. The Včielka institution, led by the management of the Bački Petrovac Municipality, took the first steps in the application of smart digital toys in kindergartens, and the Braća Karić Foundation has now supported this initiative with a donation of the latest boards – televisions, which will be widely used in the education and entertainment of children. On these televisions, children can draw, write, erase, but also broadcast and edit photos and videos, through simple and superior technology that is extremely easy to use. The toys that the little ones in these kindergartens used so far included a digital microscope, cameras suitable for children, but also the most popular toy called bee-bot, i.e. bee-robot. Since včielka is a bee in Slovak, it is clear why the little ones in this kindergarten love that particular toy the most, and now with the help of the board – the television set they received, they will be able to use it in even more ways.

This donation from the Karic Brothers Foundation will create new opportunities for children to use existing digital toys, but also the opportunity to invent new games and to develop imagination, communication, interaction, coordination and digital skills. 

This donation continues the cooperation between the Slovak national minority and the Karic Brothers Foundation in Serbia, which has been going on for several decades. The Karić Brothers Foundation nurtures brotherly ties with the Slovak people through what is most important – joint work and good deeds for a better tomorrow of two friendly peoples.





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