My Christmas fairy tale

Dear children,

While we are all waiting together for the Christmas magic to make our best dreams and wishes come true and while we are writing the most wonderful memories, please close your eyes for a moment.
Now imagine a big Christmas tree in front of the cave where Jesus Christ was born.
then imagine two little, sweet, white lambs peeking out to see him swaddled in the manger. Now imagine his mother the Virgin Mary, her husband Joseph and the three old wise men who breathed to bring him gifts.
Let the smile on their faces and the shine of Danica’s stars illuminate your hearts that are full of love. Hear how the bells ring and how the melodies of the most beautiful Christmas carols gently bring new joys. Feel the love in your hearts, let love grow and become your greatest strength and protection. Believe in God, goodness, believe in love, in your talents, your knowledge. Believe in making your dreams come true and believe in your family. Let your family be the warmest place where you will dream, play, learn, and become great people. May your family be your most precious possession and may God protect you from all adversity.
We wish you health and well-being, lots of candies and nice sweets, time to play and socialize, friendships and interesting experiences, successful learning of new content and progress. May all your wishes come true and may the magic of your Christmas fairy tale last forever!

Christ is born, dear children! Merry Christmas!

Format: 23×17 cm
Number of pages: 60 pages
Binding: Soft
Release year: 2022

ISBN: 978-86-7594-078-4

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