Karić Brothers Foundation in the UN: Half a century of humanitarian missions

On March 22, a round table of the expert club of the Ecumene Global Forum was held at the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, where more than two thousand experts from all over the world spoke, and Serbia was represented by the Karić Brothers Foundation

The Ecumene Global Forum is an international group of experts that is currently a unique discussion platform for solving the key problems of long-term sustainable development of the world economy, and deals with finding solutions for harmonizing and improving the financial agenda, developing new approaches to the implementation of key climate goals and other important international sustainable development goals and initiative. Only in the 2022-2023 season, 51 meetings of the Ecumene Club were held in which more than 340 experts from all over the world participated, and the total number of announcements and publications was over 800,000. Current and former presidents of states, ministers and leading experts from countries and companies from all over the world are part of the Ecumene Club.

The round table of the Ecumene Club was organized at a time when the world is facing a triple crisis: loss of biodiversity, climate change and massive pollution. The United Nations, states, companies, the scientific community and civil society are together looking for options for the future sustainable development of our planet. Special attention is devoted to maintaining dialogue within the conventions and programs of the UN, while the creation of new initiatives of the organization becomes critically important.

At the round table held in Geneva, the Karić Brothers Foundation presented proposals for new public diplomacy initiatives focused on the sustainable development of humanity through care for water resources. Through people’s public diplomacy, a consortium of organizations from all over the world was organized, headed by Mr. Bogoljub Karić, which was formed to seek solutions to many international problems and connect East and West.

This international consortium has its headquarters in Belgrade. Part of the consortium is the organization International Council for Medical Exchange from Shanghai – an organization with 500 million members and headed by Djing Manho, winner of the 2023 Karić Brothers Award. The consortium also has branches in Hungary and the United Arab Emirates, and in Geneva it cooperates with the organization Water Hub and the International Association of Meteorologists. The main goal of the consortium is to become a place for communication between the professional and scientific public in search of solutions for the supply of clean water throughout the world.

World Water Day was the best occasion for the international representative of the Foundation, prof. Dr. Viktor Fersht, to present in Geneva the ideas of Bogoljub Karić, founder of the Karić Brothers Foundation, on the development of friendly relations between the East and the West through the so-called water diplomacy. Water diplomacy can and must be organized at the highest possible level through the cooperation of all UN member states, but it can and must also be developed through public and public diplomacy. Without the participation of the public and professional sectors, the global problem of clean water supply cannot be solved. Bridges between East and West are few, and the Karić Brothers Foundation has proposed holding three conferences in the near future, whose goal is to build new bridges between peoples.

Bogoljub Karić, founder of the Karić Brothers Foundation, was presented in Geneva as a man who is a proven fighter for peace in the Western Balkans region, and who, with his diplomatic efforts in the last decade of the 20th century, participated in stopping wars and bombings, leading public diplomacy from Moscow to Washington. The topic of the first proposed conference is the prevention of nuclear war in the world, and the conference will be held in Belgrade.

Two other conferences will be organized on the theme of Philosophy of water diplomacy of non-governmental organizations – the way to peace – and they are planned to be held in China and the Arab Emirates. In today’s world, initiatives that talk about peace and cooperation between East and West are needed, so Bogoljub Karić’s proposal was heartily accepted and welcomed by the experts of the Ecumene Club, and in the coming period they will proceed to concretize this idea.

At the round table of the Ecumene Club in Geneva, the representative of the Karić Brothers Foundation, prof. Viktor Fersht, presented to world experts the vision and mission of the Foundation and its founder Bogoljub Karić – to build bridges between East and West through public diplomacy, all with the aim of developing humanity and eradicating one of the main problems – lack of clean water in many parts of the world. Prof. Fersht reminded that last year at the World Philosophical Forum in Athens Bogoljub Karić was elected president of the Nikola Tesla International Committee and pointed out that Nikola Tesla’s energy has always been and will be the energy of peace and the creation of new material and spiritual resources, which are so lacking today in our lives. Considering the great merits of Bogoljub Karić and his wife Milanka Karić, last year the World Philosophical Forum awarded Bogoljub Karić and Milanka Karić the titles of goodwill ambassadors of Philosophers of Peace.

Leaders of the civil, political, scientific and professional sectors from all over the world participate in the work of the Ecumene Global Forum expert club. The most prominent participants of the round table in Geneva were from Swiss, China, Poland, Slovenia, India and from all over the world.

Delegation of Karić Brothers Foundation took part in two other United Nations Conferences in Geneva. President of Foundation prof. Danica Karić-Stojilković and honorary president of Foundation prof. Milanka Karić participated in UN 7th Bio-Trade Congress. Recently Karić Brothers Foundation became an official member of United Nations Global Market Place. Therefore it was very important to introduce to representantatives of the  all UN members possibilities of Serbia to suggest Serbian ecological bio-resources to the World market. Delegation of Karić Brothers Foundation took parts in discussions with UN Women and UN Toastmasters Conference.  It was decided that Karić Brothers Foundation will organize exhibition and concert of Balkan culture in United Nations Headquarters – Palace of Nations in Geneva and in UNESCO Headquarters in.

The Karić Brothers Foundation proudly continues its mission, which it has been successfully carrying out for half a century – building bridges between East and West and presenting Serbia in the best light in the international public.

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