The “Karić Brothers” Foundation is the winner of the Outstanding Vuk Karadžić Award in 2020

After four decades of giving and caring, of love and harmony, humanitarian work… the „Karić Brothers“ Foundation has been presented the Outstanding Vuk Award as an institution that contributed to the development of culture, science and education in the Republic of Serbia and the all-Serbian cultural space. The Cultural and Educational Association of Serbia awarded the 57th time the Vuk Awards, the Outstanding Vuk Awards and the Charters for 2020. The winners of the Vuk Award for 2020 are academic painter Miladin Mikan Aničić, literary historian Zlata Bojović, academic painter Ljiljana Bursać, theatrologist and filmologist Zoran Đerić, musicologist and music critic Gordana Krajačić, literary historian Nebojša Kuzmanović, actress Vjera Mujović, composer and music teacher Nemanja Savić, scientist Svetomir Stamenković and author Slobodan Stanišić. Winners of the Outstanding Vuk Award are the Novi Sad City Library, Karić Brothers Foundation and the Inter-Municipal Historical Archive of Čačak.
Charters were presented to the journalist-presenter Jasmina Nikitović Stojčić and Milijan Stojanić , gastronome and writer.
Awards were presented at the Ceremonial Hall of the Presidency of the Republic of Serbia by Dr. Darko Tanasković – President of the Jury, Prof. Dr. Zoran Avramović and Mr. Živorad Ajdačić, President and Secretary General of the Cultural and Educational Association of Serbia.
The Decision of the Executive Board on the “Karić Brothers” Foundation as the winner of the Outstanding Vuk Award reads: “The Karic Foundation, with a vision of life in the distant future, is a golden example not only in Serbia but in the region, Europe and the whole world, of how socially responsible individuals and companies must act. New generations of the Karić family continue this tradition by incorporating their upbringing and the knowledge and skills acquired at the world’s leading universities into the family’s intellectual, cultural and spiritual legacy. They are on the path of preserving Serbian tradition, family and cultural heritage, material and spiritual culture of our people, fostering the idea of their family that we are all responsible for our society, country and the planet.”
Back in 1979, Bogoljub Karić, together with his wife Milanka, brothers and sisters-in-law, Sreten and Slavica, Zoran and Marjana, Dragan and Hafa and his sister Olivera, established the first Serbian private Foundation. Thanks to the trust, stability and strength of the family itself, the “Karić Brothers” Foundation steadily strides the same path and works and creates the same as on the first day. What they have done as a family through the Foundation so far, has influenced other people and awakened the best in them, called for social responsibility and a desire for humanitarian work. The “Karić Brothers” Foundation has long since surpassed its founder and creator, Bogoljub Karić. It will stand long after they are no more, nor their children, it developed that way from the beginning, to write history and create the future. The family strongly believes that love for the homeland, for each and every person in it and commitment to humanitarian work, is necessary today more than ever before. Their priority has always been family, as a pillar of support. That is why the “Karić Brothers” Foundation, above all, is a family foundation with a vision of life in the distant future. Honorary President and Founder Milanka Karić, on the occasion of the presentation of the Outstanding Vuk Award, pointed out: ’My family has always found faith and strength in family attachment, loyalty to Orthodoxy and our nation, mutual love, harmony and sacrifice. When it was the hardest for us and when we were going through the greatest temptations of life, the family was our place of refuge, peace and our safe haven, but above all, our STRENGTH! Today I can proudly say that we have succeeded in everything we have imagined and more than that, we haven’t stopped and today we work and create like the first day. The Karić Brothers Foundation has been sovereignly following the path of humanity, beneficence and dedication for 40 years.”

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