After the intensive bombing of Serbia and the signing of the Kumanovo Agreement, NATO troops occupied Kosovo in June 1999 and left the southern Serbian province at the mercy of their local allies. From a terrorist organization, the OVK was transformed into a state power. Immediately after the withdrawal of the Serbian army, Kosovo became the scene of terrible reprisals, atrocities and ethnic cleansing of everything non-Albanian.

In those tragic circumstances, a French officer will light up the face of his army and people.

The commander of the French special forces under the British administration, a hardened paratrooper in the Foreign Legion, Jacques Hogard has mastered the military craft in African conflicts. But the Kosovo experience will radically change his destiny.

Faced with the brutal reality on the ground, Hogard is torn between the prejudices that rule within his coalition and the bare facts, between the goals of NATO and the EU and loyalty to the old Franco-Serbian friendship celebrated in two world wars. And before his eyes, in the very heart of Europe, with the help of Western democracies, an aggressive and corrupt Muslim state is being created.

Despite the single-mindedness of the Western camp, Jacques Hogard will come to the aid of the Serbian population and monasteries exposed to OVK terror. In the crucial days after June 12, his unit will protect the Serbian lives and heritage of northern Kosovo from extermination, even at the cost of facing its own allies. This book is the story of that extraordinary and poignant struggle.

Colonel Jacques Hogard retired early in 2000, after returning from Kosovo. Since then, he became the founder and director of a firm for strategic and security consulting of French companies in the world.

Format: 13,5×19,5 cm
Number of pages: 112
Letter: Cyrillic
Hardcover book
Release year: 2020.
ISBN 978-86-7594-064-7

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