Dr. Zahi Havas held a lecture in Belgrade


In the full hall of the Kombank Hall, the world’s most famous Egyptologist, Dr. Zahi Havas, gave a lecture that was a gift to the citizens of Belgrade and Serbia from the Karić Foundation and the Embassy of Egypt. Dr. Hawass: The crown of my career would be the discovery of Nefertiti’s tomb! Laureate of the Braća Karić award held a free lecture http://www.bkgroup.rs/2019/11/24/dr-havas-kruna-moje-karije-bilo-bi-otrkice-grobnice-nefertiti-lauret-nagrade-braca-karic-odrzao-besplatno-predavanje . The entrance was free, and the famous archaeologist, who is one of this year’s Braća Karić prize laureates, presented the audience with the latest findings he came to by researching the pyramids and pharaonic tombs in the Valley of the Kings. The man who left an immeasurable contribution to the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of Egypt and its promotion in the world, previously spoke at a press conference attended by Milanka Karić, founder and honorary president of the Karić Foundation, and Amr Alguvejli, the Egyptian ambassador.

Ambassador Alguvejli pointed out that the cooperation with the Karić Foundation is very important.

– The very fact that Dr. Zahi Hawass is visiting Serbia for the second year in a row speaks of how strong the relations between Serbia and Egypt are – said the ambassador.             The Karić Brothers Award for Scientific and Research Dr. Havasu will be presented tomorrow, November 25, at a ceremony in the National Theater, and Milanka Karić emphasized that the Karić Foundation always tries to choose the best of the best for this prestigious award.

– In our family, we are enchanted by his work and I convey greetings to Dr. Havas from my husband Bogoljub, son Nebojsa and daughter Danica. The award does not honor the person, but the person honors the award, so Dr. Zahi Havas has done us a really great honor this year – underscored Milanka Karić. Dr. Zahi Havas said that the Braća Karić award is of great importance to him and recalled that last year he did a wonderful television show with Danica Karić, the president of the Karić Foundation. Speaking about his work, he said that in January next year, all the royal mummies will be moved to the new museum.

– The most important is the opening of a large museum in Cairo, the construction of which I started in 2005. In two months, all the artifacts related to Tutankhamun will be transferred from the old museum and the whole world will follow. Tutankhamun will be a hero on November 4, 2022, when it will be 100 years since the discovery of his tomb – said Dr. Hawass. He added that he recently learned that the opera Aida premiered 148 years ago, and that he wrote the opera Tutankhamun, the music for which was composed by the Italian Leno Zabroni, which will be performed at the opening of the Grand Museum. It will then be shown in Paris and Belgrade, as well as in the Valley of the Kings in 2022. He also announced the live broadcast of the opening of the two sarcophagi on the Discovery TV channel.

– In front of the whole world, on April 7, we will open two sealed coffins, which I believe are the most significant archaeological discoveries of the last ten years in Egypt. We are working on two more big projects. The first is the massive excavation we are doing in the Valley of the Kings. I’m trying to find the tombs of Nefertiti and Ankesenamun, Tutankhamun’s widows. We will also scan 20 royal mummies and check their DNA. Using very sophisticated methods, we will find out if Tutankhamun had an infection and how he died, because we are sure that he was not killed – said the famous Egyptologist, stressing that the crown of his career would be the discovery of Nefertiti’s tomb. Along with Dr. Zahij Havas, Željko Obradović, one of the most successful Serbian, Yugoslav and world basketball coaches, Vaclav Dvoržak, film and television director and political analyst, Jacques Ogar, colonel and former commander of the French special forces in the Kosovo and Metohija, and Marilina Veka, journalist and writer from Rome.




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