Festival of young poets in Zaječar: Dana Karić’s poetry presented

At the 38th Young Poets Festival “Mladi Maj”, held in Zaječar from May 22 to 25, the poetry collection “Free Birds Fly High” by Danica Karić Stojilković was promoted. The author described this multimedia project as a “visual story of love” for God, nature, one’s neighbor and oneself. The project was realized with a selection of seven poems published in the collection, which were presented with seven music videos, in several languages. With such approach, Dana Karić managed to make her poetry accessible and comprehensible to audiences around the world.

Dana Karić managed to combine visual, poetic and musical artistic expression in an unusual and original way with her collection of poetry. Her songs, full of emotions and deep thoughts, are not only beautifully written, but also extremely inspiring. Next to the fact that they can be read as prayers or odes of love, these poems also provide a strong message about the importance of loving one’s neighbor and oneself, and the necessity of faith in God and in oneself. Such messages are necessary today, and Dana Karić managed to convey them in a way that is warm and sincere, and therefore easily reaches the hearts of readers.

Guests at the promotion Đorđe Mihajlović, choreographer and director who created a visual journey for Dana Karić’s poetry and Uroš Marković, poet and spokesperson for the Karić Brothers Foundation, spoke about the project together with the author Danica Karić Stojilković. They all gave an emphasis to the importance of this project, not only as an unusual literary work, but also as an artistic and spiritual endeavor that unites people and cultures. The visual aspect of the project, combined with music and poetry, provides a unique experience that transcends traditional literature. Each poem is accompanied by a video that adds a new dimension to its interpretation and experience, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the world that Dana Karić has created. This made her poetry more than just words on paper – it became a living, breathing interactive work of art.

The “Mladi Maj” festival, as one of the most important poetry events in the region, brings together the greatest poets of all generations. This year the guests at the promotion of Dana Karić’s poetry were young talents as well as bards of Serbian literature such as Vlasta Mladenović, the art director of Festival. Such a combination of young and experienced poets contributed to the exceptional mood and inspiring spirit that reigned during Festival.

The winner of the competitive part of Festival was the young poet Milica Gajić, who, according to the jury, was the most poetically consistent in her poems, which is the most important thing for a good book of poetry. The winner of the festival receives a prize in the form of the publication of the first book of poems and since two years ago, the laureate of the Festival of Young Poets has the right to participate in the event “Smederevo Poet’s Autumn”, which takes place in October in the city of Smederevo.

The Young Poets Festival “Mladi Maj” continues to be an important event in the world of poetry, providing young talents with a platform to promote their work and an opportunity to connect with already established poets. This event celebrates young poets and promotes their work and talent. The poetry collection “Free Birds Fly High” by Danica Karić found its place at Festival as a true example of how poetry can be a means of conveying deep and universal messages, which are necessary in today’s world. Her work is inspiring and thought-provoking, and is certain to have a lasting impact on everyone who reads it and experience it.


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