Braća Karić Foundation at the 65th International Book Fair in Belgrade

With the traditional sounds of fanfare, the opening ceremony of the book fair began with the performance of music artist Lena Kovačević and the “Muzička radionica Mari Mari”, who performed the festive song “Vostani Serbije” by writer and educator Dositej Obradović. The beginning of this cultural manifestation was made official by the writer Dušan Kovačević.
The most representative literary manifestation in this part of Europe, this year lasted from October 23 to 30, under the slogan “The Return of the Written”(srb. “Povratak napisanih” ), and gathered more than 900 direct exhibitors, co-exhibitors and represented companies from Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republika Srpska), Italy, Hungary, Germany, Belarus, Russia, China, Iran, Switzerland, Morocco, Egypt, India and Poland.
On behalf of Romania, the guest of honor at this year’s Book Fair, the prolific and multiple award-winning Romanian poet and writer Mirča Dinescu spoke.

The Braća Karić Foundation proudly presented several new editions of local and foreign authors at this year’s 65th International Book Fair in Belgrade. It also allowed the reading public to socialize with the authors, as well as book signings, as befits such festivities dedicated to the written word.
As before, the publishing activity of the Foundation is based on the careful selection of domestic and foreign authors, artists and creators from the country, region, Europe and the world.
In the year of the jubilee, the celebration of 45 years of humanitarian work, the Foundation remains committed to the preservation and nurturing of our roots, customs, language, and script. A large photo monograph, “45 years of humanitarian work” edited by Dragana Marković, is an edition made up of four books and forms the sum of decades of humanitarian activity of this institution, which nurtures charity, respecting the culture, art and achievements of others – society, nation and individuals, does not leave the material and spiritual treasures of our people’s culture to be forgotten.

In the “Friends of Serbia” edition, in addition to the three titles that have been published so far, “Europe has ended in Pristina”, authored by Jacques Hogard, “Wolves’ Hearts” and “Landscapes of the Soul”, authored by Marija Lina Veka, two new editions have been added this year which again signed by this Italian writer and journalist, fighter for human rights. “Lost Kosovo?” and “Kosovo and Metohija, return is impossible” represent the sum of her experiences, acquaintances, conversations, research and life with the inhabitants of Serbian enclaves. They are a kind of testimony of a foreigners eager for truth and justice, who show enormous respect and love for Serbia and the Serbian people.

At the promotion of the book “Serbs on Kosovo and Metohija in the 20th and 21st centuries” by Dragoslav S. Ćetković, they talked about the importance of the collected biographies of more than 600 people who made a significant contribution to the development of this province and who marked the time in which they lived with their lives and work. People’s deputy Dragomir J. Karić, prof. Dr. Radivoje Papović, editor-in-chief of this book, as well as the author himself, prof. Ćetković spoke at the promotion.

In addition to the old editions “I am the best older sister”, “I am the best older brother”, “For my aunt”, “For my uncle”, “For my grandmother”, “For my grandfather”, the books “For my father”, “For my mother” and “Christmas fairy tale”, by Dana Karić and Olja Petrović, were also promoted at the Foundation’s stand.
Milanka Karić, psychologist Aleksandar Stevanović and psychologist Olja Petrović spoke at the promotion. These titles within the “Sraćna Planeta – Porodično blago” edition are intended for the youngest readers who connect with their loved ones through various tasks and games, thus creating unique memories. On this occasion, teachers and children from the “Children’s Shelter, Belgrade” with manager Danijela Stajković came to visit us and brightened up the promotion with their presence.

The final promotion at the stand of the Braća Karić Foundation was for the book Interviews by Bogoljub Karić “Bogoljub Karić – Strength of Serbia II – Interviews 2013 – 2022”. This collection is a continuation of the first book of his interviews, which collected statements and conversations from 1997-2007. People’s deputy Dragomir Karić, diplomat and former ambassador to Russia Srećko Đukić, journalist, publicist and former ambassador Dragan Bisenić, professor Milivoje Pavlović, former editor-in-chief of “Večernje Novosti” newspaper and journalist Mirko Stamenković and journalist and writer Vanja Bulić spoke about the book. .
The reading public was also offered numerous earlier editions of the Foundation, such as “Memorial to Eternal Serbian Friends” and “Heroines of Serbia – a century” by Dragan Milošević, three books by Srećko Đukić, “The Last Russian Saga” and “New Russian Saga” and “Journey on the Yanisei”. …

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