Let’s awaken the festive spirit of giving together! 9-20. 12. 2019        The end of the year is a great time to do a good deed and tell others that the New Year is ideal for new beginnings and joys. We want to send a message to the youngest from vulnerable social groups that they are important to us and that we think of them, which is why VOS Kreativno pero, in cooperation with the Association of Parents, this year, as in previous years, is launching a large New Year’s humanitarian campaign We are all Santa Claus. We invite you, together with your children, to be open-hearted and to bring sweets/saloni, non-perishable food products, toys, books, school supplies to the premises of our school (Tolstojeva no. 58 and Čakorska no. 3) from December 9 to 20. Clothes, gloves, scarves, hats, hairpins, zip ties. Browse through bins, toy boxes and bookshelves and find the holiday spirit of giving!          Our intention is that this year’s humanitarian action goes beyond the scope of the Creative Pen, because together we can always do more! In cooperation with the Akvica Preschool, this year another point for collecting donations was opened in Kragujevac, at the address Avalska 47. Therefore, we invite you, institutions, organizations, educational institutions, in the territory of the municipality of Savski Venac, to join us and help us show humanity in action. With us for now are: Karić Foundation, Nađi Raula Humanitarian Organization, Villa Aleksandar Orašac, Kindergarten Akvica, Jovan Milić, Brian Lack; Company International, RUCK Serbia, Mental arithmetic SuanPan Belgrade – Smartacus, SrbijaDanas.com. In order to show children and students the importance of giving gifts and encourage the development of humanity and empathy during the month of December, we will organize various activities on December 20, 2019. At the New Year’s workshop, children from preschools and younger grades of elementary school will make unique crafts with their parents. gifts that will make every New Year’s package special, while students of older classes will make gifts in art classes with the support of their teacher. Representatives of the Association of Parents and VOS Kreativno pero will delight children from Vršac, Knić and Niš in the last week of December. This year, the aid is intended for the Carica Jelena School for Primary and Secondary Education from Niš, which educates children with developmental disabilities from pre-school to high school age, then children from socially vulnerable families, as well as children receiving social assistance from the Center for Social Work from Knić and Vršac. Let’s awaken the charms of New Year’s gift-giving and show humanity in action! A big thank you to everyone for your support!




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