Gala promotion of the book “Zhambyl – poet of the magnificent steppe”

The Karic Foundation organized in its premises an official promotion of the book “Zhambyl – poet of the magnificent steppe”, the biggest Kazakh poet, Zhambyl Zhabayev, by Erlan Sydykov, Rector of the Eurasian National University of Kazakhstan.

Serbia and Kazakhstan are tied by unbreakable business and friendly relations that can best be testified by members of the Karic family – Milanka Karic, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Member of Parliament and Head of the Parliamentary group of friendship among Serbia and Kazakhstan, and Member of Parliament Dragomir J. Karic, who for decades connect Serbia with this distant but to us so close and similar country.

Also, the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev is a great friend of Serbia which he will visit for the first time on Tuesday, 23 August. On this occasion, as a symbol of friendship of our country and divinely beautiful Kazakhstan, a memorial sculpture of the largest local poet of all times, Zhambyl Zhabayev, will be unveiled.

The day before this historical visit, the Karic Foundation organized in its premises an official promotion of the book “Zhambyl – poet of the magnificent steppe”, by Erlan Sidik.

Poet of the century and the magnificent steppes

It is safe to say that Zhambyl Zhabayev has the status of a national icon in Kazakhstan, even 70 years after his death, and the reason is not at all surprising. In fact, during his centennial life, this “poet of great steppes” testified about many historical events and changes which he recorded in his patriotic verses interspersed with messages for “all times”.

This is where you can find the great value of his lyrics, which you can read in any time epoch and circumstances, because you will find universal human values ​​and lessons, and the book “Zhambyl – poet of the magnificent steppe” bringsthem closer to Serbian readers.

The promotion of the book was attended by the intellectual and diplomatic elite from Serbia and friendly countries: Erlan Sydykov, H.E. Nurbah Rustemov Kazakhstan’s ambassador to Serbia, MP Dragomir J. Karic, H.E. Aleksandar Vasiljevich Chepurin Ambassador of the Russian Federation, Petar Arbutina literary critic …

In addition to the author, the book was presented by ambassadors of Kazakhstan and Russia Nurbah Rustemov and Alexander Vasilievich Chepurin and literary critic Petar Arbutina.

H.E. Rustemov said that the presentation of the book about the life and creative work of the great poet takes place in the year when the country celebrates 170 years of his birth. He announced that a bust of the poet whose creative work is appreciated in the whole area of the former Soviet Union will be unveiled on August 24 in New Belgrade, in presence of the presidents of Kazakhstan and Serbia, Nursultan Nazarbayev and Tomislav Nikolic.

H.E. Chepurin commented the arrival of the President of Kazakhstan, stating that “there will be new opportunities for cooperation between the entire Eurasian society and Serbia” and stressed that Nursultan Nazarbayev is one of the world`s greatest politicians of the last decade.

The Russian diplomat expressed confidence that the announced visit will be fruitful and successful and that the literary work of Zhambyl Zhabayev which was discussed at today’s promotion will contribute to the strengthening of the existing friendship between Kazakhstan and Serbia.

Sydykov pointed out that, observing the life of Zhabayev, we have the ability “to realize the stream of civilization of the whole Europe and to look at the centuries-old history of the nation through an artistic biography of one person”.

He said that at the time when Zhabayev lived, the centuries-old tradition of nomads began to split up. In his biography and creative work it can be seen what the Kazakh society looked like, how independent it was, how its values changed during the revolution and the two world wars. Sydykov underlined that this great poet maintained the spirit of the nation during the struggle with fascism.

“His luck and tragedy at the same time, is the fact that he lived for a hundred years and was a witness of all socio-political changes. In all those segments where different ideologies interfered, he was able to show himself, and the basis of his creative work are the values ​​of humanity which is why he is still inspiring”, added the author.

Arbutina noted that “when nations meet in poets, then they have met in the highest form of their existence”, and in the book of Sydykov “Two Homers meet – Zhabayev and Filip Visnjic whom we can recognize in the power of words, tradition and poet responsibility”.

He reminded that Zhabayev witnessed the transition of a nation from one to another civilization code, stressing that words and poetry are the most important for its existence.

Quoting Isidora Sekulic that language is “the house where people live”, Arbutina said that a poet is not someone who should entertain or exclusively criticize, but must establish “territorial and spiritual limits of his people”.


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