Book Fair in Andricgrad

The first book fair in Andricgrad was opened on June 27, 2016, at which works of contemporary domestic and world publishing production were presented. Among them was the Karic Foundation, engaged in publishing for nearly two decades, thus preserving the cultural heritage of the country. On this occasion it presented the latest releases that are in many ways unique.
Through the publishing activity, the Foundation confirmed its quality and high standards and thus stood shoulder to shoulder with the greatest names of Serbian publishing. Numerous significant and prestigious awards prove this.

“It’s a splendid project and my great joy that the Karic Foundation, which operates and invests effort for 40 years in keeping the Serbian heritage, culture and history, now came to a place with which it really shares the same mission. In Andricgrad, the Andric Institute and Mr. Emir Kusturica, who is a laureate of the Karic Foundation and winner of our Karic BrothersAward, is doing the same as us. I’m really happy that we managed to connect people who have the same mission, which is to preserve and promote our culture and heritage. For me there is nothing more beautiful. This city has so much historical importance and it is essential to revive it as much as possible and make it an event center. That’s why this fair is a wonderful opportunity for people to come and to make it world famous”, said President of the Karic Foundation, Danica Karic.
This year, special attention was paid to the edition of Pupin’s autobiography entitled “From Immigrant to Inventor”. After nearly eight decades of cultural, historical and scientific injustice, readers have the opportunity to hold in their hands the authentic autobiography of Pupin, prepared just the way he wanted it to look.
“At this fair, the Happy Planet and the Karic Foundation expose all our publications and we are very proud to have this new edition, namely the autobiography of Mihajlo Pupin. It is the only original biography, the way he wanted it to look and it follows the first edition. Since then, publishers changed a lot and even omitted something and now, for the first time, we have restored it all. We are proud of this edition, next to which we single out the book “Putin the strength of Russia”, as well as any other that can be seen on our stand”, says the president of the Karic Foundation Danica Karic.
The valuable edition about Mihajlo Pupin saw the light of day thanks to the Karic Foundation and Aleksandra Ninkovic Tasic, vice-president of Educational and Research Society Mihajlo Pupin. Since it was first published in the world, this book has become an epochal work. It is not just the work of a scientist, but a moral pattern. It won the Pulitzer Prize, became a required reading in American schools and now in the 21st century will be available to Serbian children too.
“Putin the strength of Russia”, copyrighted work of two brothers, MP Dragomir and Bogoljub J. Karic, published by the Karic Foundation, was promoted on the First Book Fair in Andricgrad. This extensive work is the fruit of personal knowledge and detailed research by the two brothers who have worked on the territory of the former Soviet Union for more than three decades. Dragomir J. Karic emphasized that part of the book is Putin’s biography, but what is it particularly interesting in it is the way Putin, following the thousands of years history, tradition and religion of his manifold, and multinational state, sets Russia on a pedestal of the world’s survival guard.
– “The book consists of photographs, documents, as well as a large number of recorded conversations with Putin and his associates. The book gives a new view of the segments from the period of growing up, education, professional challenges and the political triumph of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, as the leader of a new, democratic and strong Russia. “- are the words of Dragomir J. Karic.
The president of the Karic Foundation donated all editions of the Karic Foundation to the Andric Institute and emphasized that from now on all their publications will be the publications of the Institute too.
At the donation, a special emphasis was given to the book called Serbia, which describes our people and our country. In gratitude, President of the Andric Institute, Aleksandra Vranes, PhD, pointed out that this book will be a valuable copy in their library.
Let us remind that this fair gathered 40 publishers from Serbia, the Republic of Srpska and Montenegro, as well as that the guest of honor country was Uruguay. Visitors were able to enjoy in good books up to July 10, 2016.


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