Promotion of the book “The First Love Twice” published by the Karic Foundation

“Everyone has first love, but I have two. When we play hide and seek, where first to go I don’t know “, the verses that only partially open the door to the children’s world laced with humor in the book ” The First Love Twice ” by Olivera Petrović.

Promotion of the literary work intended for the youngest published by Karic Foundation was held on March 20th, 2018 at Villa Jelena in the presence of many friends, family and the admirers of the author Olivera Petrović and her work.

By purchasing a book of poetry “The First Love Twice” you are helping the project “Art. Freedom. Strength.” intended for children from the “Belgrade Shelter for children”.

“A creative workshop named Victory by the picture book to the heart took place at the “Belgrade Shelter for children“ in 2010. At that time, the children were tasked to paint what they felt while I was reading the verses from the book and they participated in its creation. Eight years later, this book was published, first of all, thanks to Mladen Cvetković, who saved the drawings and poetry that adorn this work. Surely, a special place belongs to Danica B. Karić, the Chairwoman of the Karic Foundation, who recognized our work and decided to publish this imaginative book.” said Olivera Petrović.

A one-hour recital of verses from “The First Love Twice” was attended by a large number of guests and friends, including the shelter’s headmistress Danijela Stajković, our celebrated basketball player Milica Dabović, actor Nikola Vujović, Oliver Karić Nedeljković and the Chairwoman of the Karic Foundation.

“As publishers, we dedicate this book to the children from the Shelter, beneficiaries of the ’Art. Freedom. Strength.’ project, to all the children who have contributed to this book and made it great as well as to children and adults who will enjoy the poetry of the author Olivera Petrović. The project ‘Art. Freedom.Strength.’ started as a project that involves work with Shelter Residents and under the auspices of the Karic Foundation. Our main goal is to help young people create a better future for themselves.” said Danica B. Karić at the promotion.

The Chairwoman of the Karic Foundation also said that the years of cooperation with these children made them grow as an institution both in professional and personal life.

“The little ones and their teachers have shown us a parallel world that is far from ordinary but equally full of love, understanding, compassion and striving to understand and overcome the most difficult situations,” said Danica B. Karic.

She also pointed out that she was very pleased that the author Olivera Petrović recognized the work of the Karic Foundation, that she combined her capacity and talent with only one goal that is to make children’s smiles last longer by reading the book.


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