The exhibition of Žiča monastery contemporary icons in St. Petersburg

The ALFA BK University Rector prof. dr Mila Popović-Živančević has taken part in the opening of the Serbian contemporary icons exhibition in October 17th-18th 2016 in Saint Petersburg.

The Rector of the ALFA BK University prof. dr Mila Popović-Živančević participated in the opening of the Žiča monastery exibition “Contemporary Serbian icon painting – 800 years of Žiča monastery” that took place in St. Petersburg last October, as a representative of the Karić Foundation and ALFA BK University in the International scientific – professional conferences and round table on the medieval Byzantine culture, iconology and the overall values of the Žiča monastery. The whole event was organized at the prestigious Russian Institute of Art History.
As one of the most important benefactors Karić Foundation helped in the realization of this cultural and historical project equally important for our country and for the Serbian Orthodox Church. In her opening speech at the exibition prof. dr Mila Popović-Živančević pointed out the Karić family and their Foundation’s humanitarian work decades long, particularly focused on presenting our national culture around the world, preserving and nurturing traditional tangible and intangible culture heritage as part of the karić family  systematic care for the preservation of our national identity. She also said that ALFA BK University  and the Karić Foundation have a very special bond and that family Karić plays an important role as the founder of the University, in the development of higher education in Serbia and the region as well.  Prof. dr Mila Popović-Živančević especially accentuated the fact that the ALFA BK University continually strives to expand its capacity by introducing new programs for education with competent experts from different areas of expertise.  ALFA BK University recognizes the needs of the modern society and as one of the most convincing and compelling examples for it she mentioned new program for Protection and conservation of heritage which brings together all of the interdisciplinary and complex activities to protect and manage the tangible, intangible and natural heritage.
ALFA BK University Rector also participated in international scientific and professional conferences and round table on the medieval Byzantine culture, iconology  and the overall values of the Žiča monastery which was organized at the Russian Institute of Art History in St. Petersburg.
Prof. dr Mila Popović-Živančević didn’t fail to introduce guests at the opening of the exibition  with the partnership of Karic Foundation, ALFA BK University and the Žiča monastery in the project concerning the Revitalisation of the monastery. This very important project is in the final preparation stages for the ’HORIZON 20 20’ where the universal European significance of Žiča monastery will be presented and  methodology developed for setting the medieval ecclesiastical heritage in modern life that is up to the sustainable development.

Aleksandra Lukić


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