The “Karić Brothers” Award, 2015.

The 18th “Karić Brothers” Award Ceremony was held on November 30, 2015 at the National Theatre in Belgrade. It was most attended and sparked an unprecedented interest of the public.
That evening, Belgrade was the capital of culture, art, humanitarian work and meritorious achievements worthy of admiration that entrusted mankind. The Main Stage of the National Theatre in Belgrade hosted the 18th jubilee award of the prestigious “Karić Brothers”Award.

Eminent guests from the fields of science, culture and the diplomatic world began to gather in the lobby of the National Theatre that evening, welcomed by representatives of the Karić family. Among many of the guests were the fashion designer Verica Rakočević with her husband, singer and songwriter Aleksandra Kovač, Serbian Davis Cup team captain Bogdan Obradović, Božidar Bota Nikolić film director, singer Željko Vasić, basketball player Dejan Tomašević, general director of Red Star Football team Zvezdan Terzić and many others.

The “Karić Brothers”Award hymn was played at the beginning of the ceremony, followed by the national anthem of the Republic of Serbia.

All the attendees were welcomed by the program hosts, Dragana Savatić and Dejan Pantelić, well-known faces from the BK Television. The founder and honorary president of the Karić Foundation, Milanka Karić, then addressed the audience.

The first prize was awarded to the best Yugoslav and Serbian football player, “the third Red Star’s star of all times” Dragan Džajić, for outstanding contribution to the sport.

“I have received a lot of awards in my career, but the Karić Foundation takes care of everything, as well as of awards. I spent 53 years in Red Star, it is enough for such a recognition, I have to be immodest. This will remain one of the most important trophies that I have won”, said Džajić.
The award to the renowned and famous footballer was presented by Dragomir J. Karić and Danijela Karić Martać.

The next laureate was the founder of the first data bank of bone marrow stem cells and the first Foundation for the fight against leukemia in Germany, Emil Morsch, for outstanding contribution to the development of science and scientific research, who unfortunately, was unable to attend the awards ceremony.
“Dear family Karić, with all my heart I thank you for the work and this award. Unfortunately, due to health problems, I am unable to receive your award personally. I wish you a very successful event, thank you very much”, said Emil Morse in his video statement.

In his name the award was received by his longtime friend Branislav Basara, who once again thanked the Karić family.

The third award was received by prominent ballet artist Konstantin Kostyukov for outstanding contribution to culture and the arts.

“Dear gentlemen, thank you for being here. I would like to congratulate all winners and it is my great honor to be in such company. Journalists often ask me these days what this award means to me. I was taught from an early age about the meaning of life, everyone has his own answer to that question. This award, in fact, means how much you have devoted yourself to something. The point is that we discover our talent on time, everybody owns talents, and that is how I would define this award. I’m doing what I love and I was never involved in the promotion of myself, but promotion of ballet. To me this award means that I’m on the right track, but I am not alone on this track. My parents are there because they helped me find out what I like, my friends , my colleagues, the audience, both here and abroad, that pushed me to some new, risky challenges, which I accepted in order to prove myself. I thank the Karić Foundation for recognizing my gift, thank you all for that! “, said Kostyukov.

The next “Karić Brothers” award was received by Steven Seagal, Hollywood star and legendary action film hero, black belt holder, aikido master, master of martial arts, musician, writer. He was awarded for charity and humanitarian activities.

“I would like to thank the Karić family. I am honored to be here in the company of great and magical people who also received the award. I’m really honored to follow many leaders who have received this award before me, such as Vladimir Putin and many other extraordinary people. This is an opportunity not to talk about what I did, but what a family can do with all the wisdom, knowledge and skills. If God has given talent and wisdom to all of us, I am grateful that I may use it to make the world a better place, so that our children can have a happy future on this planet where we are all members of one family. I would ask all present here to do everything in their power to be better people, to ensure a future for all people in the world. I realize how many great people and souls we have here in this hall, in Serbia. The world’s 17 major Roman Emperors originate from this region, and that has to mean something. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I ask everyone to take care of each other “, was the actor’s speech.

After the famous actor, the “Karić Brothers” Award was presented to President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev Abishevich for the strengthening of democracy, peace, cooperation and friendship among nations. On his behalf, His Excellency Abmassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Hungary, Nurbah Rustemov, thanked for the award.

“I’m glad and I have the great honor to receive this high award “The Karić Brothers” on behalf of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev Abishevich. The Karic Foundation Award testifies of the good relations and friendship between the President of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Serbia. I thank the Government of the Republic of Serbia for supporting Kazakhstan in its striving to be elected for a member, but not permanent, of the UN Security Council. President Nazarbayev instructed me to convey his regards to you. Dear friends, I know from reliable sources that there are no outstanding issues between Serbia and Kazakhstan. Our two countries have largely identical views on many international issues. I thank you for your attention”, said the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Hungary.

The ceremony was ended by the song “For many summers,” performed by the “Baruch Brothers” octet.

In addition to this, the cultural – stage program was carefully designed by top artists. Octet choir “Baruch Brothers”, singer Danica Krstić, ethno-rock group “Vrelo”, ballerina Rajna Remović, Artisic ensemble “Gradimir” and Ensemble of the Academy of Arts “Žurgeljev” performed for all the present an unforgettable enjoyment in the arts from all the meridians and times.


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