Milanka and Danica Karić hosted experts from the world-famous MAYO Clinic

The prominent experts of the world famous and recognized American MAYO Clinic were guests of the Karic Foundation where they became familiar with the work of the Karic family and the Foundation, not only in the sphere of business.

During the visit to the  Foundation, guests from the USA were led by professor at the MAYO clinic Vesna Garović Kocić, our neck of the woods, who won the “Karic Brothers“ Award for scientific and research work.

„The Karić family and the Karić Foundation established  the Karic Brothers Award more than two decades ago, evaluating and rewarding the greatest achievements in the fields of culture and arts; science and research; journalism, literature and publishing; economy and commerce; achievement in sports; humanitarian activities, strengthening peace, cooperation and friendship among peoples; development of democracy in the world.“ said Danica B.Karić, the Karić Foundation’s Chairwoman, to the guests from the United States, presenting not only the Foundation’s work, which has existed for more than four decades, but also the profile of the BK Group.

The ten-member US delegation was also addressed by one of the Foundation’s founders – Mrs Milanka Karic.

“There are many ways to show the love for the country and how much you are willing to do for it. The Karic family chose humanitarian work, representation of national culture around the world, promotion of tolerance, coexistence of nations, religions, cultures – not only in Serbia, but also in the region and the world.”, said Milanka Karić in a conversation with guests from the USA.

The nominations for the “Karic Brothers” award can be submitted by individuals or institutions only, accompanied by persuasive statement, outlining the candidate’s contribution to a particular area, achievments in the country and abroad, and then the members of the KF Board of Directors decide on the winners for that year.

So far about 150 awards were given to meritorious individuals, prominent figures, athletes from Serbia, the region and the world. Among the laureates are wellknown world renowned artists, directors, politicians, scientists, religious leaders, etc.

The Karić Foundation was established on the model of the Serbian endowers who built their homeland and left not only magnificent buildings, but also their legacy for the future generations, pointed out Danica B. Karić,Chairwoman of the Karić Foundation.

“I came to Belgade with nine of my colleagues from the Division of Nephrology at MAYO and we are here in Serbia to take part in the 9th Serbian Diaspora Medical Conference at the Hyatt Hotel ,” said our expert Vesna Garović Kocić.

“We had the opportunity to exchange experiences with our colleagues from Serbia, to bring and share knowledge and information,“ she added noting that they were talking about diabetes, but also about how to live the best we can when old and how to avoid certain problems in later years.

She underlined how happy she was as the guest of the Karić family because they represent her connection with homeland and people from her hometown of Peja. ” My colleagues, our guests from the USA, were delighted with the warm reception at the Foundation, with everything they saw and heard over the last days in Belgrade. ” said our Minnesota expert.

Her colleague, a distinguished expert of the MAYO Clinic, Dr. James Kirkland, said that he was very glad to be in Serbia at the aforementioned Congress where they discussed medical achievements and the latest innovations in different areas of medical science and research.

He noted that cooperation with colleagues from the Belgrade University is excellent and that it was a very nice experience.

A meeting with experts was also attended by the member of the Karic Foundation Board of Directors Gordana S. Karić and Simon D. Karić, Vice President of the BK Group in charge of international relations.



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