Karic Foundation at the 61st Belgrade International Book Fair

The opening of the 61st Belgrade International Book Fair was announced by brass fanfare and the famous song „Where are you?” performed by the the opera singer Oliver Njego and pianist Nikola Rackov.

The most representative literary event in this part of Europe took place from the October 23d – 30th 2016 with the catchy slogan “Books in the hands!”. More than 450 direct publishers, including 40 from abroad have attented the 61st Belgrade Book Fair.
The opening ceremony was led by the writer and professor of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad prof. dr. Dragan Stanić, also the president of Serbian Matica (better known as Ivan Negrišorac) and by the Iranian author, film director and screenwriter Narges Abyar, since Iran was the 2016 honored guest country.
In his welcoming speech Negrišorac has invited distinguished guests to „open books, delve into them so the world could opens before your eyes immersing into your minds.”
“The world around us is exactly that – the most complex book that should be read with no hope of ever being read to some fictional ending.” he also noticed.
The Karic Foundation’s 2016 published editions brought closer together literary worlds of various contents from different eras.
A new book by Dragomir and Bogoljub Karić “PUTIN-The Force of Russia”, that sheds a different light on Vladimir Putin as a world leader and the President of Russia, was presented this year by dr Srećko Djukić, diplomat,  Živadin Jovanović, former FRY Minister of Foreign Affairs and prof. dr. Milivoje Pavlović.
The book “PUTIN-The Force of Russia” contains a lot of photographs that follow the life of Vladimir Putin since his early childhood to the present day. It is written from a different perspective  that could  only be perceived by those authors who know and love Russia and its people.
“There are a lot of things we were not able to learn from our media which we discover  reading this book written by Karić brothers. This is an outstanding book which  complements the information not only about the President Putin as a world leader, but also about Russia as a traditional friend and ally of Serbia. “, said Živadin Jovanović.
“This is not the usual biography where authors often bury readers with less relevant facts. This is for the most part a chronicle of an important period in the Russian history and the mankind. The third dimension of this book is the analysis of the historical period in which one such person as Vladimir Putin appeared and has left and still leaves a mark on all the key events in our epoch, “, told Prof. dr. Milivoje Pavlović.
Srećko Djukić said that “To talk about a book in which the main character is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the Russian president and the 21st century leader is a very grateful topic. Whatever you say and write about Putin gets on the front pages for he arouses an incredible interest around the world like no other celebrity. The same is with a book about Putin we are presenting and I must say that this is the true publishing venture and accomplishment – in its volume, in discovering and presentation of the key characteristics of the World  leading personality, in  its outstanding equipment with great number of photographs representing the book itself and of course in  the peculiarities of the authors. Something like this could only be done by the Karic Foundation”.
A lot of attention next to this book among the readers of all ages has attracted Mihajlo Pupin Idvorski’s book “From Immigrant to Inventor” by Aleksandra Ninković Tašić published by the Karic Foundation in collaboration with the Serbian Matica.
According to Aleksandra Ninković Tašić the book “From Immigrant to Inventor” published by the Karić Foundation is the first complete edition.
“Previous release of the Pupin’s book was left without a preface written by Miloš Crnjanski as well as without the most beautiful part about St. Sava that Mihajlo Pupin wrote himself.  Somehow communism crossed out some of its parts, tore apart the book that was written to glorify the Serbian nation in the world and to inspire the poorest man in Serbia and make a better human being out of every child. “, she said.
Danica B. Karić, president of the Karic Foundation pointed out that the Pupin’s book is a capital work and the only authentic edition of his autobiography.
Next to the new releases the Karic Foundation had on display numerous promotions featuring editions published by the Happy planet and Alfa University and the guests at our Book Fair stand were teachers and educators from the “Creative Pen” educational institution.
The 61st Belgrade International Book Fair passed  in sign of book celebration and education as well as the preservation of Serbian culture and tradition.


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