For my mother


What did mom look like when she was little, what kind of student was she at school, what was mom’s first friend’s name, what music did she listen to, how did she meet dad? The first  concert mom went to, what is mom’s favorite movie, what books does she like? What did mom think when she saw me for the first time? Why is mom proud of me, and what mischief of mine made mom smile sweetly? Children and their mothers write answers to these and many other questions on the pages of the book.

May this beautiful book be your inspiration to enjoy companionship, understanding, and love that grows daily between mothers and children. That special love between a child and a mother is an indescribable feeling of security and strength thanks to which children grow into big and happy people.

Format: 23×17 cm
Number of pages: 80 pages
Binding: Soft
Release year: 2022

ISBN: 978-86-7594-077-7

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