For my father



It has arrived, look how beautiful it is, a book just for you and your dad. We designed it with a lot of love, just for you. However, the book you are flipping through is not completely written. On each page, you and dad will be like real writers, twisting out its parts, which will turn into the most beautiful book in the world.

On each page between the covers, you will discover interesting things about your father. How did dad get his name, what was he like when he was little, did dad name an unfulfilled wish from childhood, what kind of student was he, what did he like to play with the most, what were the names of dad’s best friends, what sweets did dad like when was a boy, what he looked like when he was a young man, from whom he got the good news when your mom gave birth to you and …And many, many more beautiful things you will learn about your dad in this book. And you will save all that, so that every experience becomes another beautiful picture in the love between you and dad. A love that is so big and strong, and that continues to grow with you in every new day.

Format: 23×17 cm
Number of pages: 76 pages
Binding: Soft
Year of publication: 2022

ISBN: 978-86-7594-089-0

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