Karić Brothers Foundation continues its mission throughout Serbia: Cooperation agreement signed with the National Theater in Zaječar

The Karić Brothers Foundation and the Timočka Krajina National Theater – Zoran Radmilović Cultural Center, have signed a cooperation protocol that announces the implementation of several large projects in the near future. President Danica Karić Stojilković, in front of the Foundation, and Vladimir Đuričić, director of the National Theater in Zaječar, signed the agreement. Immediately after that, words were put into action and the promotion of the Family Treasure edition, one of the capital projects of the Publishing House of the Karić Brothers Foundation, was held at the Theater Museum in Zaječar.  The mayor of Zaječar, Boško Ničić, hosted a reception for the representatives of the Karić Brothers Foundation and on that occasion, the future cooperation of the local government and the Foundation was agreed upon. Numerous guests of all generations attended the presentation of the Family Treasure edition, the main idea of which is to promote family values that are pretty much under threat nowadays in the whole world. The promotion was presented by the president of the Karić Brothers Foundation, who introduced herself to the Zaječar audience as a multi-talented artist with her works intended for all generations, above all for the youngest. A creative workshop was organized where the little ones could get to know the works from the Family Treasure edition, to play, write, draw and create on their own. Among the distinguished guests were Milanka Karić, honorary president of the Foundation, and Bogoljub Karić, founder of the Karić Brothers Foundation, who presented the work and successes of the Karić Foundation to the present, but also reminded them of how important the role of each individual is in the fight for the survival of the family and its values. The event was officially opened by Vladimir Đuričić, the director of the Zaječar National Theater, who expressed his thanks to the representatives of the Zaječar media and cultural scene, as well as other guests who came to find out about the work of the Karić Brothers Foundation in light of the new cooperation with the pearl of Timok culture.

The president of the Karić Brothers Foundation presented the work of the publishing house, its achievements and goals, and in a relaxed and family atmosphere, she described her process of creating, stressing that it was written out of love for the family and that it was dedicated to the family. At the promotion, psychologist Aleksandar Stevanović from the Serbian Psychological Society joined the president of the Foundation Danica Karić, introducing the guests to the world of the magic of growing up and the first steps in building the social intelligence of children. The Family Treasure edition consists of several books written by Danica Karić and Olja Petrović, in which children are given space to imagine, draw, write and create their own versions of those works. Some of the titles that attracted the attention of the guests, in particular, were ‘I am the best older brother’, ‘I am the best older sister’, ‘For my Dad’, ‘For my Mom’, ‘For my Uncle’, as well as ‘Easter joys’, ‘My Christmas fairy tale’…This unique project found its place on the Serbian literary scene as a project of great importance in the fight for family values. This was once again confirmed in Zaječar, the city where the Karić Brothers Foundation will organize concerts, exhibitions and book promotions in the coming period. The Zaječar National Theater is a pearl of the culture of the Timok region and an institution that organizes several important events throughout the year. The promotion of the Family Treasure edition was held as part of the 14th Children’s Theater Festival “ZajeČAR”, also a sales exhibition of the Karić Brothers Foundation publishing was set up. This campaign marked the beginning of the cooperation between the Karić Brothers Foundation and the National Theater in Zaječar, in the best way, thus announcing many projects that will be realized in the future.


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