Karić Brothers Foundation and Tika Stanić together for the children of Kosovo and Metohija

The performance of the monodrama Na Drini ćuprija (The Bridge on the Drina) for humanitarian purposes, by the bard of the Serbian theater Tihomir Tika Stanić, was held on May 21st in the organization of the Karić Brothers Foundation. Friends of the Foundation gathered in the beautiful surroundings of Club Jelena to support another good deed and noble action initiated by the Karić Brothers Foundation. Just as the bridge over the river Drina was built stone by stone to connect the two river banks, which was the most necessary for the people who lived there at the time, so has the Karić Brothers Foundation been building bridges of charity action by action, one good deed after another that reach those who need help the most, for half a century now.

The cooperation of the Karić Brothers Foundation and Tika Stanić led to great success and was an occasion to bring together good-hearted people and sincere lovers of theater and the written word in one place. The evening of theater, humanity and charity was magnified by a large number of guests, so the Jelena Club Hall was full of people who wanted to take part and help the great goal set by the Karić Brothers Foundation – collecting aid for enclaves in Kosovo and Metohija. Among the distinguished guests were HE the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Serbia Mr. Madi Atamkulov with his wife, the founders of the Karić Brothers Foundation Bogoljub, Milanka, Slavica, Olivera and Dragomir Karić, journalist Vesna Dedić, historian Predrag Marković, dean of the Academy of Arts Dragan Elčić, rector of Alfa BK University Jovan Veselinović, representatives of the company BK Tesla, as well as many other distinguished guests.

Honorary President of the Foundation, Milanka Karić, greeted the guests on behalf of the Foundation, reminding that the first private family foundation has been giving hand of help for half a century and that its main goals are to help children and preserve the family and family values, which was the very reason to launch this initiative that will help children living in enclaves in the south of Kosovo and Metohija.

The symbolism of charity runs through the capital work of our Nobel laureate Ivo Andrić, and that was noticed and underlined by Mr. Tika Stanić, who expressed his gratitude to all the guests for supporting our people in Kosovo and Metohija with their donations. He stressed that since his childhood, which he spent mostly in school for his father was a village teacher, something special ties him to children, kindergartens and schools, and that he was never as excited as when he was visiting schools in Kosovo and Metohija.

Donations from the guests raised significant money, and the Karić Brothers Foundation continues with fundraising for a large action to help enclaves in Kosovo and Metohija and invites all people of good will to join and help according to their abilities.

For more details about the activities of the Karić Brothers Foundation, as well as ways to donate for a noble cause, please visit the Foundation’s website



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