Ensemble “Žas – Star” held a New Year’s concert in Kolarac


Ensemble “Žas – Star” held a New Year’s concert in Kolarac 2019-12-11 00:00:00, the Karić Foundation and the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan organized a NEW YEAR’S GIFT CONCERT TO THE CITIZENS OF BELGRADE, on the occasion of the opening of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Serbia in Belgrade and the National Day of this friendly Ensemble Zhas – Star (Young Stars) created within the framework of the Kazakh State University of Arts, from the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana), performed to a full KOLARCA Hall on Wednesday, December 11, 2019, at 7 p.m. :00 p.m. Talented and very young members of the Žas – Star ensemble played a few Serbian compositions with an unusual repertoire, traditional and modern, accompanied by witty movement and acting. They certainly won the hearts of our audience, as applause broke out in the Kolarca hall after each number. Ensemble Zas – Star are laureates of international competitions, they have performed in many countries around the world, on almost all continents, and a bright future lies ahead of them. has! The ensemble plays traditional instruments such as: dombra, kobiz, kobiz-prima, shan kobiz, rock, sherter, button accordion, flute, saz sirnai, kahon and others. With such different tones and sounds, they perform both Kazakh and world music. The organization of the concert was helped by the Karić Foundation, with the wholehearted help of the president of the Karić Foundation, Mrs. Danica B. Karić Stojilković and Mrs. Milanka Karić, the founder of the Karić Foundation, who is also the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Serbia for the third term. On behalf of the Karić Foundation, Mr. Dragomir J. Karić, adviser to the Karić Foundation, deputy in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and honorary consul of Belarus in Serbia, addressed the audience in Kolarac and described, for many of us, the still undiscovered beauties of Kazakhstan in wonderful words. . Since 1991, when the Republic of Kazakhstan declared its independence, which is almost 30 years of extremely good bilateral relations and cooperation between our two countries in all fields, from culture, art, university exchanges, construction, trade and other fields, the Karić family and companies BK Group developed and built friendships and cooperation with the Republic of Kazakhstan. The concert was attended by representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Serbia: NJ. E. Ambassador, Mr. Gabit Sizdikbekov, Consul and First Secretary of the Embassy, ​​Mr. Alibek Kimanov, Counselor at the Embassy, ​​Mr. Asen Kashkenov and First Secretary, Ms. Venera Isjekenova. They were visibly emotionally surprised by the warm reception of the Belgrade audience in Kolarac! Great interest in the Young Stars from Kazakhstan concert was also shown by the presence of many winners of the Braća Karić Award, a large number of people from the world of culture and art, high-ranking officials of the diplomatic corps and citizens of Belgrade, from the oldest to the youngest who were with their parents.               The very end of the concert brought the audience to its feet, when Ensemble Zas – Star began to play the first notes of the song Tamo daleko, and to the surprise of all present, the duet was sung by Ms. Mira Muratova, in charge of the cultural sector and translator at the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Mr. Dragomir J. Karić! The beautiful friendship of two countries, two peoples, turned this unusual concert evening into an unforgettable one!




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