The Karic Brothers 2016 Award Winners

The National Theatre in Belgrade hosted the Karic Brothers Award Ceremony on Monday night, November 28th. This prestigious Award of the Karic Foundation was rewarded for the 19th time in a row to people well-known for their remarkable work, inovations and personal commitment for the benefit of mankind.

Representatives of confessions, the diplomatic corps, numerous celebrities and public figures  from Serbia and abroad, including former “Red Star“ basketball  player Igor Rakocevic, Srdjan Djokovic, Rados Bajic, prince Aleksandar and princess Katarina Karadjordjevic, Nikola Rackov, Merima Njegomir, Zeljko Vasic, Djordje Djuric Secretary-General  of Matica Serbian, Dušan Savić  and Marina Rajević Savić,…attended this year’s Awards Ceremony.

Following the Serbian national anthem “God of Justice”, Dragomir J. Karic and Gordana Karić presented the Awards to the laureats. The minute of silence was honored to the recently deceased giants, the Yugoslavian and Serbian actor Velimir Zivojinovic and Reis-i-Ulema of the Serbian Islamic Community in Belgrade Hamdia Jusufspahic.

The founder and honorary president of the Karic Foundation, Milanka Karic, gave a warm welcoming speech.

“Forgiveness and truth deliver freedom not only to those who forgive bu to all of us. Nothing lasts forever, neither wealth nor poverty, solitude or partnership, everything changes and elapses; the knowledge we’ve gained,  things we’ve felt and comprehended, the unconditional love we have given, happiness  we’ve  experienced, those are the only things that remain. Dear friends, I want to thank you for being  there and remained with us, for sharing our joy and sorrow over the years.

Tonight, I would like to share with you the joy and special emotion that I’m feeling. The time of great challenges for me and my family is behind us. We are proud at our laureates and grateful to all who contribute to the importance of the Award and Bogoljubs idea to gather yet another family around the Award.  I’m glad to see many young faces among  laureates.”, said Milanka Karic.

This year’s winner of the “Karic Brothers“ Award for art and culture is Croatian film, TV and theater actor of Serbian nationality, Rade Sherbedzia. He stated  that he is very proud to be honored as one of the prize winners.
“The “Karic Brothers“ Award is very special to me because it comes with a totaly different twist. It’is not a state or a special association reward but the reward of the family, friends, people. It’s always nice to receive but it’s nicer to give to life, art, lierature and try to be committed to what you do.  My congratulation to family Karic for keeping the Award tradition for 19 years.”, said Sherbedzia.

Zoran Jankovic, mayor of Ljubljana, was awarded  for the economy achievements.
“It is a great honor for me to receive an award in a country where I was born. So far I have received many awards, but this one is special. I would like to thank my associates, for they are the true winners of all awards, they have created todays Ljubljana. The time will come when we will renew our cooperation and forget hatred and war.”, said Jankovic.

The Award winner for Science and Research is young George Ogrizovic.
“I am very honored and grateful to the Karic family for this Award because they have recognized efforts and work of young people even though we are only at the beginning of our venture. This prize is my reward for all my elementary and secondary schools achievements, but also it is a reward for all of my mentors. Karic family nurtures the preservation and  the existence of the family for years, I am grateful  for the example they are giving to all of us.”, said young scientist Ogrizovic.

Jovan Milic was awarded for the humanitarian work.
“Today is a great day because this reward for me means great recognition for I have looked up to Bogoljub Karic my whole life. I’ve dreamed of accomplishing at least a fraction of what he has. So far I have received many awards that I haven’t dedicated to anyone but this evening I devote this Award to my parents.”, said Milic.

The “Karic Brothers“ Award winner for journalisam and publishing is Brent Sadler.
“I’m glad to be back in Serbia, to be here tonight  with my wife Jelena  who has been by my side all these years. Thanks to Karic Foundation on this prestigious award. My congratulation to other laureates.”, said Sadler.

The winners of the prestigious “Karic Brothers“ Award are Olympic and Paralympic Games medalists from  Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Waterpolo National team of Srbia – gold medalists
Davor Shtefanek, wrestling – gold medalist
Women Volleyball National team – silver medalist
Tijana Bogdanovic, tae kwon do – silver medalist
Marko Tomicevic and Milenko Zoric, kayak – silver medalst
Men Basketball National team – silver medalist
Ivana Shpanovic, athletics – bronze medalist
Women Basketball National team – bronze medalist
Laslo Shuranyi, archery – gold and bronze medalist
Borislava Peric Rankovic, table tennis – gold and silver medalist
Zeljko Dimitrijevic, skittle – gold medalist
Nata Matic, table tennis – silver and bronze medalist
Milosh Mitic, skittle – silver medalist
Mitar Palikuca, table tennis – bronze medalist
Nemanja Dimitrijevic, javelin – bronze medalist

For the first time in the same year two prizes were awarded to one winner. The prize for the strengthening the peace, cooperation and friendship among peoples  was presented to actor Rade Serbedzija.

“I feel like Novak Djokovic. I have no words to describe my happiness. Maybe I deserve this award, maybe I don’t, the time will tell.“, said Sherbedzia.

The Awards Ceremony was  complemented by carefully prepared cultural and artistic program. Belgrade male choir conducted by deacon Vladimir Rumenic performed the national anthem of the Republic of Serbia,”God of Justice” and “Na mnogaja ljeta“ (In many years), groups  “Rocher”, “Pepper“ (Biber) and ballet dancer Jaksha Filipovac.

English translation:A.Lukić


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